Occasionally, when working with a client they have already chosen a space, or the space has chosen them in the case of Lizzi and Matt. “In our everyday lives, we live in spaces that are active, changing, and dynamic. When designers create interior spatial designs for various types of uses and experiences, they consider both the aesthetic qualities of a space and how people experience interactions and sensations within the spaces.” —Research Article on Interior Space

Lizzi and Matt were one of our most favorite, amazing to work with, couples who were married at the Big Sky Chapel in the meadow of Big Sky, Montana and had their reception at Bucks T-4 Lodge in the Montana room, which is a very basic, rustic lodge style room. While the couple currently resides in Boulder, CO, they chose Big Sky because of their love of Montana and Matt having had a winter job at Lone Mountain Ranch in his college days  With very limited options for a wedding in Big Sky in the winter that could host 100+ guests in the style that they were seeking, is the main reason why the Montana Room would be the go to for the transformation.  It was a blank canvas.

Lizzi and Matt had a vision of “old world opulence” meeting “Montana Rustic” and we pulled it off for them in high style by transforming the Montana Room at Bucks.  Utilizing Angela and Leslie’s expert vision, a lot of fabric, vintage furniture, incredible accent lighting, a multitude of incredible linens, key decor and just the right amount of floral design we pulled a “Cinderella” on the space; allowing for the rustic to take a back seat and the “old world opulence” to shine!

Another one of our incredible vendors involved in this Event-ture was Elle’s Belles Bakery, who did an incredible job on this stunning birch tree cake, and it was so delicious! Matt and Lizzi are the owners of a fabulous company called Birch Benders that makes organic gourmet pancakes, which inspired the cake design.  Their successes have been featured in the NY Times, the TODAY show, and most recently Huffington Post. 

Back to transforming your space…The following are some key aspects to take into consideration when transforming a space.

LOCATION. Sometimes we are restricted by season, budget, mobility of guests or other factors that dictate the location of a reception or wedding, never fear; there is always a work-around. Having the help of a professional designer with this type of experience can be essential. The ability for everyone’s mind to view a space as a “blank canvas” is not always accessible; so having someone on your team who can do this or help out with the vision is the first big step when seeking to transform a space.

DESIGN. Trust your designer’s vision, professional opinion and most importantly, be able to clearly communicate your vision. You can do this with a multitude of platforms such as Pinterest, Blogs, potentially your ability to tell a story and of course the ever incredible Martha Stewart or Brides; online resources for added inspiration and guidance.

TRUST. Did we mention trust? LoL Seriously it is so important when you hire a designer or have your best friend or your second cousin who happens to have fabulous taste, to just be able to communicate your vision and the details that are important. From there you must “let it go” and know that no matter what, you are marrying the “love of your life” and that is really all that matters!

INVESTMENT. The idea of investing in your big day can be daunting, but we have found that clients typically cannot put a price tag on a day such as their wedding! Throwing down for the cost of linens, fabric, floral, lighting etc is worth every penny especially if you need to transform a space.

FABRIC –and a great staple gun. Investing in fabric,whether it is linens and/or bulk fabric to cover walls etc, is probably one of the most important aspects to transforming a space and allowing it to become something that it is not. Oh did I mention a great staple gun…yes I did! Of course, making sure the venue is okay with the use of staples and their removal post event. Linens go hand-in-hand with the fabric and decor and tend to be a very worthwhile investment as well, and can have a dramatic impact on your surroundings. For this reception we ordered linens from LaTavola and BBJ. Orange Photographie

LIGHTING. Lighting in combination with candles (more lighting) or even alone can DRAMATICALLY change the way our eyes perceive a space and how it feels. In my professional opinion it is the piece de resistance. It is not something that every event needs, but it can create an impact and set the mood that you may be seeking for your guest’s to experience. We recommend hiring a local lighting professional to assist with this task. For this particular event we worked with Black Box Design for the amazing lighting, who we absolutely adore!

FLORAL. Great floral design is one of the big key additions and finishing touches that really allow the space to become cohesive. Orange Photographie

IMAGINATION. Don’t limit yourself. Let your imagination run wild. Transforming a space should be a work of art and most importantly it should be fun and rewarding. One of our favorite additions to Lizzi and Matt’s event were the beautiful crystals and baby’s breath we used to transform our rustic lights into magical chandeliers.

PHOTOGRAPHER. Finally, having a great photographer is also another way to work around a space that is less than ideal. Yes, you want your guests to enjoy the space as much as possible, but those photographs will be something that will be around forever and the moments captured are ultimately what matter. Orange Photographie did an incredible job at Matt and Lizzi’s wedding and I am so grateful for these “sneak peak photos” they provided us from the reception that I have used to highlight our design discussion.

I hope our notes on how to transform a space help and inspire you!




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